Led by expatriate Keralaties, the Kerala Pravasi Association will begin its activities from the state of Kerala. Join us as we work towards building a self-sufficient Kerala and usher in the rise of a new India.

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KPA Thrissur District Representative Conference May – 28 2023

KPA (Kerala Pravasi Association) is conducting its district conferences, ahead of the state conference. As part of that, the Thrissur District Representative Conference was held at Hotel Pearl Regency Auditorium in Thrissur. KPA National Chairman Shri. Rajendran Vellapalath inaugurated the conference along with National Secretary Mr. Jerry Raju, other leaders and was attended by over 450 delegates.

Four core resolutions were discussed and passed at the district conference. These include matters about the comprehensive development of Thrissur district, health, education, toll plaza, problems of farmers, difficulties faced by expatriates and others.

Although led by expatriate Indians, any citizen of this country can become an active member of KPA. KPA is a movement that welcomes all enthusiastic, like-minded persons over the age of 18.

The KPA is making a systematic effort to make its presence known in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and to become a decisive force in the assembly through the 2026 assembly elections.

KPA's stand against bandhs, hartals and violent protests that make people's lives difficult has already become the talk of Kerala politics.

KPA, which came up with the slogan of "Self-sufficient Kerala through the India Diaspora" recently built and handed over houses for two poor families through its "Ayiram Bhavan" program designed to provide homes for those in need.

KPA is also set to launch 'Pravasi Jobs' which is expected to launch shortly, as a solution for youth unemployment by helping them with job opportunities in foreign countries. The program is expected to help in the inflow of youth members to KPA, through such schemes.

KPA Kozhikode District Representative Conference – May 06 2023

The district conferences of Kerala Pravasi Association started on April 30 in Kannur ahead of the state conferences. About 470 representatives from various panchayats, municipalities and corporations of Kannur district participated in the conference. KPA National Chairman Shri. Rajendran Vellapalath, National President Smt. Ashwani Nambarambath, National General Secretary Mr. Jerry Raju and other National Council leaders also addressed the delegates.

Kerala Pravasi Association National General Secretary Mr. Jerry Raju, National Council Member Mrs. Beena Sunil, Kannur District President Mr. Muhammad Iqbal, Secretary Mr. Rupesh Pullanjiothan and Treasurer Mr. Manoj Mathew attended the press conference. For more information visit KPA’s website.

The Kozhikode District Conference was held at Nalanda Auditorium, Kozhikode on May 6, 2023. It has been a year since KPA received the approval of the Central Election Commission. The party continues to work towards the decisive involvement of non-residents in changing the political front equations of Kerala.

Any person of Indian citizenship who has attained the age of 18 can become a member of the party, which focuses on change by studying 36 areas related to people’s daily lives and formulating development models. It provides an opportunity for selfless public servants working at ward levels to join the KPA and creates opportunities in the democratic process. The KPA entered the scene by filing a writ before the Supreme Court of India seeking the right of the 18 million expatriates to cast their votes in elections from where they stand, just as other democracies provide facilities for their citizens to cast their votes. It is noteworthy that the KPA has come forward with this demand when no other mainstream political movement has so far demanded expatriate voting rights.

KPA also completed three housing projects in Kozhikode district as part of its “Ayiram Veedu” project. As part of solving unemployment and creating new employment opportunities including for the young generation, new, expatriate jobs are being created and project formulation work is in its final stages. This scheme gives hope to thousands of educated unemployed youth.

The KPA is making a systematic effort to launch its presence in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and become a decisive force in the assembly through the 2026 assembly elections. KPA’s stand against bandhs, hartals and violent protests that make people’s lives miserable has already become the talk of Kerala politics.

KPA Kannur District Representative Conference – April 30 2023

Kozhikode is gearing up for its first state conference of the Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) in the month of August 2023. Ahead of this, district meetings were held by being held by KPA National Chairman Shri. Rajendran Vellapalath, National President Mrs. Ashwani Nambarambath, Secretary Shri. Besides Jerry Raju, other leaders and over 400 delegates. The Kannur District Conference was held at Payyambalam Krishna Auditorium on April 30. The event highlighted three core resolutions, that were discussed and passed in the district conference.

These include comprehensive development of Kozhikode district, tourism sector of the district, development matters of Kozhikode including Grasim Company land dispute, scientific waste disposal, problems of farmers especially coconut farmers and other issues of NRI malayalees.

The KPA is making a systematic effort to launch its presence in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and become a decisive force in the assembly through the 2026 assembly elections. KPA’s stand against bandhs, hartals and violent protests that make people’s lives miserable has already become the talk of Kerala politics.

The party under its slogan, “Self-sufficient Kerala through expatriates” has constructed houses through its “Ayiram Veedu” project, for two families belonging to the poor and economically backward community. The party is focused on increasing the inflow of youth members through such schemes.

Kerala Pravasi Association National Council Member Mrs. Beena Sunil, Kannur District President Mr. Muhammad Iqbal, Secretary Mr. Rupesh Pullanjiothan and Treasurer Mr. Manoj Mathew also attended the press conference.

KPA Trust hands over its first home under the ‘Ayiram Bhawan Project’

The Kerala Pravasi Association Trust officially handed over the first two homes, constructed under their ‘Ayiram Bhawan’ housing project that provides housing for the economically poor in Kerala, to its righful owners.

The Key handover took place at the Rajiv Gandhi Convention Center in the Mavur Gram Panchayat and was graced by Hon. Goa Governor Adv. PS Sreedharan Pillai.

The Ayiram Bhawan Project is a key initiative led by the Kerala Pravasi Association Trust, launched to provide housing and thereby uplift the quality of life of people in Kerala. The event also saw the handover of a second house built under the financial assistance provided by the KPA Trust as well as financial assistance, announced to a house damaged during the monsoons.

Kerala Pravasi Association and Kerala Pravasi Association Trust was founded by Rajendran Vellapalath, and Aswani Nambarambath, with a vision to build a modern, strong and resilient Kerala, under the leadership and expertise of Pravasi Malayalis.

Vellapalath who is the Hon. Chairman of the KPA Trust said, “At Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA), we envision a Kerala free from poverty, by enabling Pravasi’s from across the world to give. The Ayiram Bhavan Project is KPA’s dream project that was established to rehabilitate and provide shelter to the landless and homeless people in Kerala. With today’s key handovers, we begin an ambitious journey towards changing the lives of over 3.4 million people in Kerala by 2030.

The Kerala Pravasi Association Trust relies on CSR funds, Crowd Funding where individual donations are key to raise funds for our various initiatives. We invite our Pravasi brothers and sisters and Corporate Companies and other people irrespective of their religion, caste etc to join us on this journey towards building a stronger, more resilient Kerala.” he added.

Mr. PS Sreedharan Pillai in his inaugural speech said, “The Kerala Pravasi Association Trust’s Ayiram Bhavanam Project has truly opened new opportunities for the economically poor in our state. With the help of Pravasi’s who have always played an important role towards the economical growth of our state, I applaud initiatives like the ‘Ayiram Bhavanam Project’ and take this opportunity to congratulate Kerala Pravasi Association and its founders Rajendran Vellapalath and Aswani Nambarambath for making this possible.”

Babu Nelluli, Block Panchayat President distributed the financial assistance for the construction of the next house, under the scheme.

Kerala Pravasi Assocaition Trust also unveiled a new Health Insurance Scheme at the event. Providing access to quality health care and heath insurance is also a key area for the party.

MK Raghavan, Hon. MP, Koxhikode unveiled the scheme along with Rajendran Vellapalath and Ashwani Nambarampath, Hon. Vice-Chairman, Kerala Pravasi Association Trust.

Speaking at the launch, Mr MK Raghavan said, “Kerala Pravasi Association and Rajendran Vellapalath’s vision for a resilient and stronger Kerala becomes a reality today. Their vision to provide housing, education, health care and insurance, eradicate poverty , provide access to clean drinking water, launch welfare programs for differently-abled people, with the help of the expertise and generosity of Pravasi’s, will usher in a new beginning for many.

As members of the society, it is our responsibility to extend our support to Kerala Pravasi Association and Rajendran Vellapalath and Aswani Nambarambath to bring this vision to a reality for many.”

As part of their initiatives to provide support to the differently-abled, KPA Trust also handed over wheelchairs to those in need. The wheelchairs were handed over by Gram Panchayat President, T. Ranjith.

Shaheen Khan, National Council Member gave the welcome speech and the Vote of thanks was presented by Trustee Bina Sunil. Block Panchayat Member Maimuna Katukanchiri and former Block Panchayat President Vellapalath Balakrishnan Nair also addressed the audience. Other dignitaries in attendance were Muhammad Abdul Hakeem Azhari, Hon. Managing Director of Marcus Knowledge City, Syed Muhammad Koya Thangal Jamalullaili, Hon. Kozhikode Khasi.

Aswani Nambarambath, Hon.Vice Chairman of Kerala Pravasi Association Trust added, “Access to affordable and safe housing is known to contribute towards the economic growth of a state as it will enable more people from lower income groups to move out of slums and live in proper houses.

Providing homes or financial assistance for rebuilding homes is one of the key focus areas, among nine other priorities, laid out by Kerala Pravasi Association, that we will continue to work towards to ensure deserving families have a place they can call home.”

The Kerala Pravasi Association Trust will focus on nine priorities, which cover 36 areas related to the daily life of the people, by enabling Pravasi’s across the world to give. The nine priorities include :

1. Providing housing to the economically backward – complete or partial construction of 1000 houses in a timely manner. On December 22, 2022, three houses in Mavoor were handover over to deserving families.

2. Provide medical insurance facilities that will enabled those in need easy access to treatment at low cost. As part of this, KPA Insurance contract was signed with a leading insurance company and the party aims to announce a medical insurance package of up to three lakh rupees.

3. To provide education and training facilities to students from lower income families and prepare them for better jobs and a brighter future.

4. Reaching out to physically and mentally-challenged people by providing necessary assistance. The party donated Nine wheel chairs at the event, part of this goal.

5. Geriatric care that supports helpless senior citizens by providing them with physical and emotional support that often comes with ageing.

6. Implement projects to supply portable water to areas facing shortage of fresh water

7. Accelerate activities to implement hygienic and safe waste management and sanitation.

8. Plan poverty alleviation projects by ensuring basic needs are met.

9. Accelerating efforts to make women empowerment a reality rather than a slogan.

The trust aims to enforce action in these nine areas, with people’s participation through public funding via Crowd Funding, CSR Funds and Donations. KPA has obtained 12A, 80G, CSR and DARPAN approvals, required for such legal fundraising.

More information on how to apply for these projects will be made available in the next few days. KPA Trust is currently accepting applications from individual districts, once approved by their respective ward committee. All selfless persons working in public sector in Ward / Panchayat / Municipal / Corporation Committees are invited to send their applications.

KPA Trust press conference: Key handover of its first home on Dec 29

Kerala Pravasi Association National Council convened a press conference at Kozhikode Press Club for the Key-Handover program of the houses built as part of the ‘Ayiram Bhawan or 1000-homes Project’ planned under the leadership of KPA Trust. To be held on Thursday 29th at 5.30 pm, Hon. Goa Governor Adv. PS Sreedharan Pillai will perform the handing over of the keys. As part of Kerala Pravasi Association’s other philanthropic schemes, Hon. MP M.K. Raghavan will announce the Family Health Insurance Scheme while P.T.A. Rahim (Hon. MLA) will officiate the Scheme Declaration of the Trust. Managing Director of Marcus Knowledge City Dr. Muhammad Abdul Hakeem Azhari will distribute the financial aid for the construction of other homes while Kozhikode Qazi Syed Muhammad Koya Thangal Jamalullaili will distribute wheelchairs to the needy members of the society. Kerala Pravasi Association Trust Chairman Rajendran Vellapalath will preside over the function. The event will also be graced by district panchayat member Sudha Kambalath, Kunnamangalam block panchayat president Babu Nelloli, Mavoor panchayat president T Ranjith and former block panchayat president Vellapalath Balakrishnan, who will deliver the welcome speech. Kerala Pravasi Association Trust Vice Chairman Aswani Nambarambath will present the report. Kerala Pravasi Association Trust Vice Chairman Aswani Nambarambath will present the report. The National Council of Kerala Pravasi Association requests the presence of everyone in this ceremony of handing over this labour of love to the helpless poor.

Kerala Pravasi Association’s OFFICIAL PARTY INAUGURATION

India's first expatriate-led independent political party, Kerala Pravasi Association was recognized by the Central Election Commission. The announcement was made a press conference in Thiruvananthapuram. The party was established with the goal to implementing the expertise of expatriates in 36 sectors for the betterment of their livelihood. These include Expatriate Welfare, Poverty Alleviation, Agriculture, Dairy Development, Fisheries Development, Environmental Protection, Industrial sector, Manufacturing, Public sector enterprises, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, Food Processing sector, Traditional sectors, Information Technology, Tourism, Start-ups, Human resource development and job opportunities in diaspora, Education sector, Unemployment eradication, Skill development, Old Age care, Health sector, Nursing and Public Health, Drinking water, Infrastructure Development, Transport, Energy sector, Sanitation, Insurance cover, Renewable energy, Electric vehicles, Drug Free Kerala, e-Governance, Women security (Kerala Sree), e-Distribution and Housing Security. The membership enrollment for Kerala Pravasi Association opened in June 2022. Any Indian citizen who has completed 18 years of age can apply for membership of Kerala Pravasi Association.



Kerala Pravasi Association lays the foundation for its first housing project in Mavoor With the mission to provide safe and secure homes to every deserving landless or homeless people in Kerala, the Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) launched its latest ‘Housing Security’ project through its governing body under the KPA trust.
The foundation stone for their first home was laid down in Mavur village in Kozhikode on July 25, 2022 by Aswani Nambarambath, Founder and National Council President for KPA and Mavur Panchayath President Mr Ranjith and in the presence of office bearers. KPA aims to complete construction of the house, spread over 530 sqft, in four months. The new 1000-house project is part of the party’s goal in implementing the expertise of expatriates across 36 sectors from agriculture, to industrial development and manufacturing.


The Inauguration of Kerala Pravasi Association, state-level membership campaign took place in Kozhikode, Kerala and was attended by RAJENDRAN VELLAPALAT, Founder & National Council Chairman, ASWANI NAMBARAMBATH, Founder & National Council President, JERRY RAJU National Council General Secretary and other senior party officials.


Kerala Pravasi Association’s Kollam Membership Campaign


KPA organized its 2nd Blood Donation Campaign at the Latifa Hospital, Dubai.

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