India's first independent, expatriate-led National political movement. The Kerala Pravasi Association was formed with a vision to build a modern, strong and self-sufficient progressive India, while upholding the values of the Constitution, with the trust and unwavering support of the people and the leadership of the Pravasi. The Kerala Pravasi Association will focus its effort towards the goal of a 'Self Sufficient and Self Reliant India” through Pravasi’s.

Join us and be a part of an unprecedented transformation that will change the lives of our citizens, from all sections of society, towards a better tomorrow.

Let us together build a self-sufficient Kerala and usher in the rise of a new India.
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Ayiram Bhawan Project On December 29, 2022, at the Mavur Gram Panchayat, Rajiv Gandhi Convention Center, the Kerala Pravasi Association Trust's "Ayiram Bhawan Project" accomplished the successful completion and handover of its initial two houses to the underprivileged. Additionally, financial aid was provided for the construction and renovation of two more homes. The occasion was graced by Hon. Goa Governor Adv. PS Sreedharan Pillai. Donate Now Join Us KPA approaches court over Mavoor Gwalior District land dispute Two decades after the closure of Mavoor’s Grasim factory shut its doors, the government is yet to reclaim the allotted land. KPA raises crucial concerns regarding the optimal utilization of this land. Donate Now Join Us
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Join our independent, national political movement that is approved by the Central Election Commission and led by expatriates with a vision to realize a concept of 'Self Sufficient and Self Reliant India” new Kerala.

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Objectives of Kerala Pravasi Association
The role of diaspora in the all-round growth of India is commendable. According to 2020 government estimates, today 18 million Indians live outside the country, the largest diaspora population in the world. The United Arab Emirates (3.5 million), United States of America (2.7 million) and Saudi Arabia (2.5 million) are the top three countries holding the highest number of expatriates from India.
According to a United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs report, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar and the United Kingdom are the other key host countries for Indian migrants.
A World Bank report stated that, in 2021, despite a global pandemic, remittances from diaspora Indians to India accounted for nearly $87 billion. The expatriate community is accounts for over 10 per cent of India's population including those who have left their home state to seek work in other Indian states.
The Indian diaspora is an integral part of India's economic-social-developmental fabric. The diaspora contributes to the country's development through foreign investment, trade, rapid advancement in technology and laying the foundation for economic growth.
The knowledge and skills acquired from the diaspora population, their high work culture, excellent technical knowledge, innovative work training, sense of purpose and dedication to work, all work together for the progress and betterment of the country.
The most important objective for the national political movement Kerala Pravasi Association, is to provide non-resident Indians a clear views on the daily life of the people of our country, mutual cooperation and how it can be driven for the development of the country.
Over the years, successive governments and mainstream political parties have failed to include the expatriate community in the development of state. Despite the challenges, the organization aims to take up the political task of uniting all sections of the people to achieve this goal.
There is also a identified implementation of expatriates’ views and expertise in 36 areas, including agriculture, environment protection, industrial development, manufacturing sectors as well as poverty alleviation, unemployment and infrastructure development. The organization is committed to work tirelessly for the progress of the nation without leaving anyone behind.
Kerala Pravasi Association does not engage in any form of activities such as bandhs and hartals, destruction of public property and stagnation of public life.
Kerala Pravasi Association Party officially inaugurated
Kerala Pravasi Association Party officially inaugurated
The official announcement of the Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) Party was made at a press conference in Thiruvananthapuram.
Formed under the leadership of expatriate Indians, the party was approved by the Election Commission of India. KPA formed the political party under the slogan 'Self Sufficient and Self Reliant India” through Pravasi’s.
The dream of the diaspora is a developed, self-sufficient Kerala that is clean, waste-free, equal employment opportunities, housing, proper water and sanitation, international medical and educational facilities, excellent infrastructure and more.
As a first step, KPA has approached the Supreme Court with the intention of getting Pravasi the right to vote in their home country.
Kerala Pravasi Association lays the foundation for its first housing project in Mavoor
Kerala Pravasi Association lays the foundation for its first housing project in Mavoor
With the mission to provide safe and secure homes to every deserving landless or homeless people in Kerala, the Kerala Pravasi Association (KPA) launched its latest ‘Housing Security’ project through its governing body under the KPA trust. The foundation stone for their first home was laid down in Mavur village in Kozhikode on July 25, 2022 by Aswani Nambarambath, Founder and National Council President for KPA and Mavur Panchayath President Mr Ranjith and in the presence of office bearers. KPA aims to complete construction of the house, spread over 530 sqft, in four months. The new 1000-house project is part of the party’s goal in implementing the expertise of expatriates across 36 sectors from agriculture, to industrial development and manufacturing.

How is Kerala Pravasi Association different?

KPA’s will activate its ideas from Kerala as it the a state with the strongest diaspora based economy only. The expat community, which accounts for over one third of Kerala's population, contributes about 37 per cent of Kerala's GDP. KPA’s will work towards the revival of the economy and rebuilding greater trust in the government. The citizens of India are disappointed with the nepotism, corruption, criminality and communalism existing in Indian politics today. Kerala Pravasi Association presents an honest alternative political party that will adapt progressive ideas and ensure citizen engagement at every stage. Let's move forward together in implementing this vision by implementing the expertise of the expatriates in 36 fields that will help in the betterment of our nation. Kerala Pravasi Association will function by forming Panchayat, Municipal, Corporation, District and State Committees under a 36 member National Council that includes members from all the 14 districts of Kerala and other states.

Leadership of Kerala Pravasi Association

Kerala Pravasi Association’s  National Council Chairman, National Council President and National Council General Secretary will proactively work under the National Committee consisting of around 100 National Council members, State Committee, District Committees for each district and Local Body (Panchayat, Municipal, Corporation) committees under it.

Our Commitment

We are committed to protect the fundamental rights, as laid down by the Constitution of India, to all citizens of our country by ensuring they have access to free or low-cost housing, food, drinking water, medical facilities, protection of old age, protection of women and children, radical transformation of education and making employment a fundamental right for all.

Vested interests will never guide or determine the agenda of Kerala Pravasi Association Party at any level. Pleasing and rejecting are not our goals.

Every Indian including the expatriate community of the country now have the opportunity to join and become an active members of KPA by gaining Ordinary Membership and Active Membership.

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Activities of Kerala Pravasi Association in Kerala.

The work of Kerala Pravasi Association will commence in Kerala. KPA aims to work by forming committees in each ward across Kerala to ensure their reach across the state.

KPA will implement the expertise of expatriates across 36 areas, including agriculture, environment protection, industrial development and manufacturing sectors, with their 36 member National Council that includes members from all the 14 districts of Kerala and other states.

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